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Anxiety Sucks, But Remember It's Just A Visitor

Like a demon on your shoulder spewing nonsense all your life About who you are, what to do, what you definitely shouldn't say Fearing judgment to death Fearing rejection everyday Wiring your brain to react to all things irrationally To save you from others To hide you from the world To convince you to keep to yourself To fill your relationships with useless chaos Having the upper hand on your consciousness Telling you you're sick, no one wants you Like an angel guarding your every move radiating love and compassion all around you Reminding you to smile, to breathe, to listen and learn To trust, to forgive and to dive into every moment To be thankful for what you have, and who you are becoming To be authentic and true to your heart's desire To fill your relationships with the love they deserve Being the ultimate presence Telling you to relax, You are enough Realization: You are not on my side, nor are you my friend. You are just a visitor. You too, will pass.

- Catherine

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