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Essential Enlightenment #Goals

Hi! Introducing myself? Yikes. That's awkward. I'm not sure I know how...Okay...let me see...where do I start exactly? All my life I've been very reserved, only really truly expressing my emotions and feelings fully to myself, where I knew no judgement would ever be made. Growing up I kept to myself mostly because I was so afraid of judgment and ridicule. At school, I was invaded with anxiety at the thought of another oral presentation to be had in front of the class and was always excited for the next writing assignment.

Writing has always come easily for me. It allows me to express my thoughts purely as they come and to perfect any ....scratch that over...it allows me to avoid making any mistakes. See, I'm a perfectionist. I used to think this quality was such a positive one to have but after having dealt with serious self-esteem issues all my life due to perfectionism, I now think of it as a burden to my growth. I've learnt that nobody is perfect. We will make mistakes as we go and that's totally okay!

So in this blog, I've made it my goal to be as authentic as I can be. This way I can practice expressing and presenting my true authentic self and feeling great about it! I plan on going with the flow and sharing my advice, love and tips with you as I go.

Let's keep communication flowing and the conversation going! At the end of the day, we all just want to connect. Enjoy!

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