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Dreams of Green Living, Green Construction, and a Green City (Montreal you Need a Serious Clean-up)

I know I just recently posted about how you can start being more eco-friendly to help our environment, but here is another one of those posts, because hey, it’s important to me.

Today my wonderful lover took me out to enjoy this beautiful day by the water. We saw some sun this morning and assumed it was nice out. By the water, with the wind? Let’s just say we were a little under-dressed. "Hmm, 3 degrees out? FEELS LIKE 8? BEAUTIFUL. Let’s go on a walk." It was freaking windy and cold by the water! We were all ready for spring weather, and seriously missing our Florida vacation:


Here we are in the beautiful Florida sun! With Jesse Jurkowski @mtlcontractors

Back to reality: cold Montreal. We sat on a picnic table in the park and stayed hydrated by bringing our S'well reusable water bottle with us. My man carved our initials into the picnic table like a romantic. Overall, I had a great day!

On our drive to the park, all I noticed was how winter can really leave so much trash behind here in Montreal. Every year, as the snow begins to melt, a large amount of trash accumulates all along our highways, parks, streets, and waters.

Montreal, you look like a giant garbage dump, it’s actually quite embarrassing.

Everywhere I look, all I see are plastic bottles, cans, cigarettes, glass bottles, wrappers, boxes, more garbage…literally any trash you can think of. Trash bins overflowing with plastic. How are people still just throwing their trash out the window? What planet are we living on? How can people still think their everyday actions have no global impact? It blows my mind…you don’t at all feel guilty throwing your trash on the ground? We spoke about how much we’d like to do something about our recycling issue here in the city. We are both very passionate about the environment and cleaning it up. Ever since we transitioned to a plant-based diet, our connection to the earth has grown. It’s not like we’re out there hugging trees everyday (although you totally should – it’s been proven to boost your overall health, uplifting moods and relieving stress and depression), or that we’re some hippies on some good shit (that’s totally cool, too). But let’s just say we see the world in a completely different way. It’s made us realize how important it is to take care of this place we call home.

We’ve made the decision to be more conscious about our actions on a daily basis, not just for our health but more importantly for the health of everyone. We’ve significantly reduced our plastic usage, and have a weekly bin full of compost as well as a bin full of recycling. We have little amounts of trash. We disposed of our chemical cleaning products at our eco-center and switched to all-natural cleaning products. We’ve also switched all body-care products to all-natural.

We hope to one day be able to gather some sort of large volunteer community that will be part of a big city clean-up project. My man is CEO of a very renown Montreal renovations company along with his brother: @mtlcontractors. He’s been in the construction industry for most of his life and he realized that his industry is also very wasteful. Starting to switch to greener materials and products, Montreal Contractors are using paint that cleans your air by absorbing toxins and impurities. His dream is to reconstruct the way our city disposes of our trash, as well as how construction handles its waste. I’m 100% all for that! If you’re in the Montreal area and are in need of any home or office renovations you can always trust @mtlcontractors for a beautiful job: https://www.mtlcontractors.ca/. If you’re interested in slowly transitioning to a greener and wellness lifestyle yourself, you can read my first post for inspiration here. I’ve also included a collection of body-care and household products you can switch to, to improve your quality of life at home and on earth! Here they are: - Dishsoap - Dishwasher soap

- All-purpose surface cleaner - Laundry detergent

- Deodorant - Toothpaste - Face wash - Body soap - Hand soap - Shampoo Conditioner 2 in 1 for men - Shampoo Conditioner - Shaving cream - Mascara (That’s all I wear) - Glass Tupperware

Let me know what you plan on doing to reduce your waste and help the environment thrive. Please feel free to leave a comment, post a suggestion, share with your friends, or e-mail me! - Catherine

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