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How To Draw: Mandala Art

Hey guys!

Lately I've been feeling very creative and expressive. I feel myself gravitating towards paper whenever I feel anxious or bored, either to journal down my thoughts and ideas or to draw mandalas.

Ever since I start drawing these beauties, I've significantly developed my artistic skills and I have found a way to calm my mind while creating a visual masterpiece all at once.

A few people have asked me to make a tutorial so today I'll show you just how easy they are to create with step-by-step instructions (with pictures). But first, let's get ourselves better acquainted with mandalas.

What Are Mandalas? Mandalas are complex abstract circular diagrams with patterns that represent wholeness, unity and the universe. These patterns remind us that our life is a cycle which extends infinitely, beyond our minds and bodies. To create a mandala is very relaxing and grounding. It requires our minds to be in a meditative state, only focusing on the next pattern to be drawn. The end result is truly mesmerizing to the eye! Drawing mandalas can silence your mind and allow you to focus on its beauty. Simple yet intricate. In essence, mandalas represent the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality. Designing your own mandalas can be both inspirational and therapeutic! Here are a list of patterns you can use while creating your Mandala masterpiece:

Spiritually, different colors carry different emotions and meanings to them. Using specific colors on your mandalas can help you feel a certain way as you draw.

Here is a list of each color and their individual representations: RED: Strength, High Energy and Passion PINK: Love, intuition, Feminine Energy ORANGE Creativity, Transformation, Self-awareness, and Intuition YELLOW: Learning, Wisdom, Laughter and Happiness GREEN: Physical healing, Psychic ability, Love of nature, Caring BLUE: Emotional healing, Inner peace and Meditation PURPLE: Spirituality, Intuition, Meditation WHITE Peace, Wholeness, Unity, Clarity, Spirituality BLACK: Mystery

This exercise is so much fun and it allows me to release my creativity. I usually have all the colors in front of me and begin without a plan. I just go with the flow. The next color I pick up is one that I feel most attracted it. I don't try to make it look a certain way, I just pick which color seems right to me as I go! There are tons of already made mandalas on the internet, but I recommend making your own from scratch and coloring it in. This will be your own beautiful and unique creation that you can always look at and find inner peace. Remember not to get frustrated if it isn't perfect! You'll see that my lines and circles are NOT perfectly straight or round. But once you look at the big picture as a whole, you won't even notice if you messed up. Just have fun and go with the flow!

What You'll Need: 1) Paper 2) Ruler 3) Compass 4) Pencil and black pen 5) Markers

How to Draw Mandala Art (with pictures)

1. Start with a dot at the center of your page. Use a ruler to find the middle of the page. I like to start my mandala in pencil at first, and then fill in the patterns with my Micron pen.

2. Use your compass to start drawing circles around your center. Draw as many as you like depending on how large you want your mandala. Draw some circle close to each other, and draw some further away as such.

3. Once you are satisfied with the size and amount of circles, you can begin using your imagination and drawing patterns within the circles with your pen. I started with petals around my dot at the center, and then began filling in the lines with my pen.

4. Remember this is not about it being perfect. This is about having fun and going with the flow. Whatever you feel like drawing next, draw it! Do not worry about your lines being straight or perfectly round. The big finished picture will be so nice you won't even notice the imperfections. Notice how I messed up my circle on the picture below to the right...no stress.

5. I like to alternate between types of patterns to create a mesmerizing effect. There is no right or wrong way to do this! Here I drew pointed petals and filled them in with smaller black pointed petals. You can always fill in your patterns with more patterns to fill in any empty spaces.