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Sunday Breakfast Hash

Breakfast at 3PM on a Sunday is always a great idea. . To be fair, when isn't breakfast a great idea?

. We want to start getting on better daily and weekly routines, in terms of time management, nutrition, exercise, leisure, etc... . We both can get pretty lazy when it comes to cooking. We've grown accustomed to the luxury of having food cooked and delivered to our door at the touch of a button. With all of these food delivery apps available on the market, the hassle of deciding and coming to a mutual agreement on what we both would like to eat after a long day at work is often something we don't want to deal with. We often take the easy way out when it comes to cooking. . BUT nutrition is so important! Our bodies need constant fuel to function properly and at maximum capacity. I can clearly feel a difference on the days that I don't follow a healthy diet. My mind is foggy, my body feels weaker and I feel empty. . No energy, no life.

. So here we are trying to start cooking together again, trying to start cooking healthier options. Especially knowing we'll be doing lots of cooking by the fire when we begin our mobile travels! . For our 3PM breakfast (brunch, I suppose), we made a potato & egg hash, with vegan Montreal-style sausage, orange bell pepper, onion, garlic. Our spice mix consisted of: Onion powder, garlic powder, tumeric, paprika, cumin, Frank's red hot spice, pink Himalayan salt, and pepper.

. We topped it with fresh chives and grated cheese, Aux Vivre's signature super nutritious and delicious Dragon Sauce, and sriracha sauce (obviously). Jesse taught me why putting that shit on everything, is a thing.

Here is what the final product looked like. Served with homemade whipped iced coffees.

. It was delicious! . Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day. A loaded breakfast hash, to be precise !


What's your favorite breakfast ?

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